KM68 - Prehnite, Hematite & Pyrite Mala

  • $ 229.00

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Prehnite helps one stay in the present moment and avoid unhealthy use of the imagination.  It quiets nervousness and worry while linking the heart with the will - promoting doing work felt deeply by the heart.  It aids in contact with beings from other dimensions, and can help intuitives to be more accurate in their predictions.  Hematite is a grounding and protective stone.  It dissolves negativity and stimulates concentration and focus.  Pyrite is a wonderful energy shield, blocking out negativity.  It is a stone of action, confidence and vitality that encourages ones ability to overcome challenges and performance based fears.  It stimulates the intellect and enhances memory.

Materials:  prehnite, hematite, silver and gunmetal guru beads, pyrite bear claw pendant. Hand Knotted.  Length: 35” plus 2.5” for pendant  (Total drop: 19.5”)  

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