WM11 - Fossil Coral & Jasper Wrist Wrap Mala

  • $ 195.00


Wrist Wrap Malas are 108 bead malas on a stretch cord that wrap easily around the wrist for comfortable wear during your yoga practice.  They can also be worn around the ankle or neck.

Fossil Coral, also known as Agatized Coral, is a grounding stone that eases irritability and promotes inner peace.  It is a good stone for fostering change and inspiring a giving heart.  It recharges energy and aids communication with past relations.  Jasper sustains and supports during times of stress.  It aligns the chakras and the physical, emotional, and mental bodies while providing protection. 

Materials:  fossil coral, riverstone jasper, bone, brass tribal bell pendant, brass spacer beads.  Length: approximately 27-29”  Fits wrists 5.5-6.75”.  

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