About Karma Mala

As a practicing yogi, I was yearning for a mala to enhance the spiritual connection I found in my practice. I am an artist with evolving interests, and have become increasingly intrigued by the energy and healing properties of gemstones. When I could not find a mala with the unique, artistic design and metaphysical properties I was looking for, I became self-taught in the art and tradition of mala making.  Every Karma Mala is designed and hand knotted by me. 


I am drawn to beautiful pieces that are spiritual with a talisman feel. I often source handmade pendants, prayer boxes and prayer wheels from Nepal in support of their artisans carrying on an age-old tradition. I also acquire pendants from India and other Tribal regions.  As these pieces, "speak to me", I pair them with beautiful semi-precious stones, hand knotting between each bead. It's a meticulous process, but true to tradition. 


My goal is to make malas and other forms of spiritual beadwear that are both beautiful to wear and also offer hope to those most vulnerable.  Every year 20,000 girls are trafficked in Nepal. Each Karma Mala has a mission beyond the obvious. I am very proud to be affiliated with the American Himalayan Foundation. Working in partnership with Dr. Aruna Uprety and her team, their STOP Girl Trafficking Project prevents girls from becoming young victims of their family's poverty and desperation by putting them in school and weaving a safety net around each girl. They provide everything a girl needs to enroll in school. Then they mentor her and educate her family and community about the dangers of trafficking.  In the last 20 years more than 23,000 girls have been served in over 500 schools throughout Nepal, with over 12,000 currently enrolled.  Once enrolled, not a single girl has been lost to trafficking!  The program is incredibly effective, and it is amazing that so little can do so much.  With much of profit donated to this mission, every Karma Mala purchase keeps a girl safe from trafficking and in school for one year.  These are Beads of Hope, and it is my hope that each will bring good Karma to those who wear them in support of this very important cause.  To read more about the STOP Girl Trafficking Project, click here.

Phyllis Kurzer, Founder/Designer