Policies, Care & How to Wear


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As much of profit is donated, I cannot accept returns, refunds, or cancellations. Exchanges within 7 days of receipt for equal or greater value are accepted with the buyer paying all shipping costs. My malas are guaranteed for six months from purchase date. If with normal wear and tear, your mala snaps or breaks, I will restring it at no cost to you with the exception of shipping. My repair policy covers normal wear and tear of the cord, not broken or damaged beads.  Restringing services are available for malas beyond the guarantee period for $100 - Wrist Wrap Malas are also guaranteed for 6 months, and the restringing fee beyond the guarantee period is $75, with buyer paying for all shipping costs.


Each mala is a unique, handmade creation. With designs that I can duplicate, there may be slight variations from the designs pictured based on availability of materials. This will in no way take away from the overall design.


Malas are delicate by nature. For my hand knotted malas I use the thickest cord possible for the beads being strung. They should be handled with care. To ensure the utmost durability I use the highest quality silk and nylon available, and hand knot for strength. Over time, however, malas that are loved and worn often can break as the stones rub against the cord.

For Wrist Wrap Malas on stretch cord I again use the thickest cord possible for the beads being strung. They should be placed on your wrist and taken off with care, as over stretching the cord over time can cause it to break.  I recommend the following method to gently put it on & take it off:  Wrap it on the 4 fingers of the opposite hand with the pendant or center focal bead in the bottom row & wrapping above that until it is laid out on the fingers in the pattern shown on the wrist in the photo on it's product page on this website. Then gently slide all 4 rows over the opposite hand and onto the wrist. This will insure the longest life of your Wrist Wrap Mala! 

When using or wearing any type of mala, do not get it wet, tug or pull on it, and when not in use, store it in it's protective pouch.



To make it even easier to select which malas and necklaces look best together, I created Karma Mala's Connection Collection (CC) - a line of malas and necklaces designed to be worn together.  Select any Traditional or Featherweight mala in the CC collection along with up to four CC necklaces of different lengths. (CC Necklace lengths #1-#4 range from 14"-26").  You can wear all four necklace lengths together in addition to any mala in the collection.  This allows for up to five pieces to be worn layered together, and they will all look like they were made to be worn together because they were!  Now you can have a luxe, layered look, with the guesswork eliminated.  All designs look beautiful worn alone, but even more stunning together.  Layer as deep as you dare!!!!

Traditional malas are made with 108 prayer beads. Many of the Traditional Malas have design markers on each side and another design element at the center so they can also be worn doubled, with the use of a pearl shortening clasp. This provides two looks in one piece!  From Traditional and Featherweight designs, to Wrist Wraps, these malas are both beautiful to wear and functional for meditation.  

Photography by Megan Moss Freeman


If you would like to wear your Traditional Mala doubled and shortened, please view this instructional slideshow below. Here is a link to pearl shortening clasps on Amazon.com. Please note that it is not recommended to wear Featherweight Malas doubled in this way. There is more of the cord exposed in these designs, making them more vulnerable to the clasp causing damage to the cord. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.