B01 - Chalcedony & Raw Brass Shamballa Bracelet

  • $ 179.00


This product is made to order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

An adjustable Shamballa Bracelet of high quality Chalcedony and handcrafted Raw Brass beads from Nepal.  Also available as a stretch bracelet - specify which when ordering.  Fits wrists 6 - 6.75"

Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that brings the mind, emotions, and spirit into harmony.  It removes hostility, transforms melancholy into joy, and dissipates negative thoughts and emotions.  

The lotus represents one of nature's most beautiful creations.  It must grow through muddy waters before attaining its unrivaled beauty.  It symbolizes purity, rebirth, and shows us that we can overcome even the most difficult of circumstances, and feel the innate beauty life can offer.  Just as the lotus thrives in muddy waters, we too work through our own limitations until we discover the bliss found in the enlightened mind.  

Materials:  chalcedony, handcrafted raw brass lotus beads and heart charm, waxed linen cord.

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