N29 - Spinel, Sapphire, & Bronze Lotus Charm Choker Necklace

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Spinel is a stone of revitalization and energy renewal that stimulates the chakras and meridian system to bring fresh energy where it is needed most.  It is an excellent crystal for reducing fatigue, replenishing depleted energies, and recovering from illness or trauma.  It is a stone of new hope and victory that provides encouragement in difficult situations, and acceptant of life’s challenges.  

Sapphire is a protective stone that brings wisdom, joy, hope, and peace.  It is known to free us from psychic suffering, and can bring calm and focus to the mind while restoring balance within the body.  Sapphire is also beneficial for mental clarity.  Using this stone during meditation enhances ones innate intuition, and frees creative expression.  Green Sapphire encourages integrity and compassion for others.

Materials: hematite coated spinel, faceted natural green sapphire rondelles, handcrafted bronze lotus charm, matte gold lobster clasp, nylon or silk.    Length: Approximately 14" 

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